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About Us

Rhyan McCoy, Owner of Hampton Roast Coffee, Larne, County Antrim, Northern Ireland

As a coffee enthusiast with a growing passion for sustainability and ethical practices, Rhyan's journey into roasting small batch coffee has been exciting. It all began when he was challenged by impact of ethically sourced beans and the incredible influence they can have on the coffee industry, local communities, and the environment.

Roasting his own coffee beans has opened up a world of exploration and creativity.

Whilst geeking out over coffee with a good friend back in 2017 and tired of using single use coffee capsules,  Rhyan and friend Nathan began developing an interest in roasting coffee for themselves.   They started experimenting by roasting coffee in Rhyan's kitchen using popcorn makers and lots of other contraptions seen on the internet. With Rhyan's first real roaster purchased in 2019, the idea of Hampton Roast Coffee was born. Rhyan says

"During the global pandemic in 2020, he was able to develop his skills in coffee roasting, constantly striving to improve technique and quality. I started to sell coffee to friends and family, as people were needing their coffee fix but with coffee shops closed, the interest in Hampton Roast Coffee grew. Hampton Roast Coffee officially launched in January 2021 as a small batch coffee roaster and has seen its sales grow steadily since."

"From the very first batch I roasted, I could immediately taste the difference. The vibrant flavours and unique characteristics of these beans truly shine through, reflecting the care and dedication of the farmers behind them. Each cup is an ode to the hard work and commitment to quality that goes into each bean."

As a small batch Coffee Roaster, Hampton Roast Coffee's ethos has remained the same from its early beginnings in the kitchen to now. The coffee needs to be taste great and this relies on a number of factors: the quality and ethical bean selection, using a single origin of coffee in each roast, roasting in small batches and roasting the coffee to order instead of stock piling.

But it's not just the exceptional taste that makes the process of roasting ethically sourced coffee so fulfilling. It's also knowing that we are supporting farmers and communities who prioritise fair wages, sustainable farming practices, and positive social impact. By sourcing from cooperatives and direct trade relationships, we are contributing to a more equitable and sustainable coffee industry.

Furthermore, the transparency and traceability that comes with ethical sourcing allow us to connect with the story behind each bag of coffee. The knowledge of how and where the beans were grown, the struggles and triumphs of the farmers, and the positive changes my purchase is making in their lives adds an extra layer of appreciation. 

"With each sip, I feel a deep sense of gratitude for the incredible journey my coffee has taken to reach my cup."

Roasting small batches also allows for experimentation, customisation and reduce waste due to the lack of stock piling coffee.

"I have the freedom to control the roast profile, refining it to perfection and bringing out the unique flavours of each bean. It's a delicate balance of time, temperature and intuition that has taught me patience and deepened my understanding and appreciation of the roasting process."

Moreover, being a part of the ethically sourced small batch coffee community has connected me with like-minded individuals who share the same values and enthusiasm. Through forums, workshops, and events, Rhyan has met incredible people who are passionate about making a positive difference in the coffee world. The support, knowledge sharing, and sense of camaraderie within the community is invaluable and has enriched my journey. 

In 2022 we made the conscious decision to move away for the use of single use plastics in our packaging and started to introduce co2 neutral, biodegradable coffee packaging and labels in our product range in 2023. As well as this, we have delighted to see customers take up on our refill option, with customers coming to the roastery for their refills, reducing the need for any packaging completely.

Our Local Pickup and drop off option prove very popular, cutting down of transport by eliminating the to a shop's shelf and then to a customer. Plans to provide green transport coming very soon.

Rhyan was delighted to picked up a local sustainable business award in November 2023 and an Innovation and Excellence Award in April 2023.

It's not just about the coffee; it's about being part of a conscious movement to create a better and more equitable coffee industry.

A further initiative we have introduced has been to partner with a Tanzanian charity, Kids4School that works to school children, build housing and water towers in villages. By selling a our Tanzanian coffee, we have committed to offering all proceeds of this coffee's sales to help Kids4School build a much needed water tower.



We encourage anyone with a love for delicious coffee and a desire for positive change to embark on this incredible journey by drinking Hampton Roast Coffee. Together, let's savour each sip and make a meaningful impact, one ethically roasted bean at a time.

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